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Sustainable Nutrients

Climate change, deforestation, population growth, food waste and the environmental impact of the production of traditional proteins, among others, make it necessary to search for new sources of protein whose production is sustainable.


At Natpro, we produce feed and food sustainably

Circular Economy

Our production system is based on circular economy, reintegrating nutrients into productive cycles and revaluing organic waste that is not used by industries.


By using organic waste as a raw material, we contribute to reducing both the waste of food and the volume of industrial organic waste that reaches landfills. At the same time, industries reduce their environmental impact.

Collaboration with various industries

When working with us, companies incorporate the circular economy into their production systems, either through the delivery of organic waste to Natpro for its transformation, or through the use of Natpro products in their production chain.


Why insects?

Nutrient recyclers

In nature, insects recycle nutrients by consuming organic matter. In Natpro we replicate what happens in nature: the insects return to the cycle the nutrients that are currently lost.

Naturally nutritious

Insects are rich in proteins and lipids and have been a natural component of the diet of animals and humans for thousands of years.

Sustainable production

Insect production has a lower impact on the environment compared to traditional sources of protein.
The species we use, Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens), is capable of transforming organic waste into protein and lipids.





Insects are rich in proteins and lipids and have been a natural component of the diet of animals and humans for thousands of years.


High quality

They contain proteins, fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals of high quality and can be used for the feeding of different species, including fish, pigs, birds, pets, exotic animals and humans.


Natpro Products

We have a variety of nutritional products, including flour, oil and paté. In addition, as a by-product of the process, an excellent quality fertilizer is obtained for use in agriculture and improvement of degraded soils.


About us

We are a Chilean company dedicated to the transformation of organic waste by using insects, located in Puerto Montt, Chile. The project began in 2013, with the objective of revaluing and rescuing the nutrients present in organic waste from the aquaculture and agricultural industries.

We are the first company in Chile and Latin America to have the necessary permits for the reduction of organic waste through insects and for the sale of insect products for animal feed, being pioneers in this industry in the region.




The Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service authorizes Natpro for producing and selling insect products for animal feed

In the next few years, considering the current growth rate of the world population, new sources of protein will be needed.


Insect-based foods take hold in Chile

Natpro has the authorization to produce animal feed and is working on the permits necessary for human consumption.


Natpro processes process plant waste from Multiexport Foods

Natpro participates in the Zero Waste project of Multiexport Foods through the treatment of part of its organic waste.

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